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  • Udo Zimmermann

    Dear or not dear Gavin Hamilton,

    You write in the issue ’July 2012’ on page 62 ’Balotelli’s blitzkrieg […]’ and repeat this infamous word of national-socialistic language without being in italics (!!!) in your article.

    This is absolutely unacceptable and you disqualify your ambitious journal to the level of boulevard journalism especially in England.
    Shame, shame on you !!!
    Why you use faschistic language which brought death on hundreds of thousands of innocent people?
    Do you like this comparison, and if so, as you have shown, why?
    How this attitude goes in a way with your, then hypocritical, comments on racism?

    The minimum reaction for this absolutely terrible, anti-humanistic statement (not talking about the implications to Mario Balotelli as he is practizing ’blitzkrieg’ – have you ever read about it and what happened during a ’blitzkrieg’?) is to apologize in your editorial note.

    Once your German partner-magazine ’kicker’ wrote in the early ’90s about a UEFA cup match between Gornik Hindenburg (!) and in the same issue, how the tanks have been rolling over other teams in Europe.
    I wrote a personal email to the then chief editor, Rainer Holzschuh, you might know him, and he apologized in the magazine and a personal letter for this absolutely unacceptable language, and this revanchistic wording never happened again in ’kicker’.

    You have to do some serious homework to reach that class of journalism, sorry.

    Furthermore, and much less serious in comparison, but only viewed on the football level, your faut-pas on page 62, second column end of first paragraph is mind-blowing and seems to unmasked your poor knowledge in terms of international football.
    Germany scored a goal against Italy in a tournament semi-final and possibly one of the most famous ever! Please get yourself a lesson in football history about the goal, the significance, the importance and the sensational consequences by schnellingers goal in Mexico against Italy.
    Although Brian Glanville is, according to his columns, not a friend of German football, he wont deny that this goal is one of the most important ones in football history, and one of the most ugly ones as well, possibly.

    However, this should not minimize the tremendous use of national-socialistic language and I hope very much that your readers receive a statement in regard of your diffamistic writing style.
    Why on Earth we as interested football fans have to read about ’blitzkrieg’, is there no other word in your journalistic knowledge?


    Udo Zimmermann

    Associate Professor
    Dr. rer. nat. Udo Zimmermann
    University of Stavanger
    Department of Petroleum Engineering
    4036 Stavanger

  • Emin

    On pages 26-27, you missed Fernando Llorente, during introduction of Spain’s squad.