According to a member of FIFA's executive committee, the 2022 World cup will not be played in Qatar.

The 2022 World Cup will not be held in Qatar because of the searing temperatures in the Middle East country, the FIFA Executive Committee member Theo Zwanziger has predicted.

“I personally think that in the end the 2022 World Cup will not take place in Qatar,” the German told Sport Bild.

“Medics say that they cannot accept responsibility with a World Cup taking place under these conditions.”

Although Qatar has spoken of developing cooling technologies for the stadiums, there is still widespread concern over the health of the players and supporters.

“They may be able to cool the stadiums but a World Cup does not take place only there,” Zwanziger said.

“Fans from around the world will be coming and travelling in this heat and the first life-threatening case will trigger an investigation by a state prosecutor. That is not something that FIFA Exco members want to answer for.”

A FIFA spokesman was quick to point out that Zwanziger was not speaking in an official capacity

“As Mr Zwanziger himself says, it’s his personal opinion,” the spokesman told SID when asked about the German’s statement.

FIFA is investigating the possibility of switching the tournament to a European winter date to avoid the scorching summer where temperatures regularly rise over 40C (104F).

However, talk of such a shift talk has resulted in plenty of opposition from domestic leagues, worried the schedule switch would severely disrupt them.

Both FIFA and Qatar World Cup organisers have also been fielding questions concerning allegations of corruption ever since they were awarded the tournament back in 2010.

The Sunday Times newspaper has alleged that former Qatari football boss Mohamed Bin Hammam paid more than $5 million (3.7m euros) to gain support for the emirate ahead of the vote.

Qatar has strongly denied the allegations.

The middle east country has come under further scrutiny over the conditions provided for migrant workers working on the infrastructure for the 2022 finals. .

  • rye relb

    Really Qatar? Really FIFa?
    These people must really think the whole world is super dumb!

    Let us connect some dots!

    1- It was proven that Qatar bribed FIFA. Even “Joachim Eckert” said after looking at the reports that he was not sure that ethics and sports can be put together no more.

    2- Qatar is under so much heat because of enslaving migrant workers and Funding Islamists in Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc…

    3-Qatar Emir, met Sepp Blatter MANY times in the last few months and the public was told that the meeting was about discussion on the progress… But hey, The Emir usually does not discuss these little matters as he has LOTS of delegates. So, clearly, the scope of these meetings was a little beyond the progress and the worker reforms 😉

    Conclusion: Sepp Blatter certainly knows what is inside that report…The Emir obviously had to be put in the loop before anything goes into the public. Connecting the dots tells us that Qatar would rather use its power to burry the report and get the World Cup taken away from them based on “hot weather” , this way its image is not completely tarnished for generations to come. I mean what would you do If you were Qatar’s ruler at this point? Would you risk the report being leaked out and your country being the laughing stock of the universe? Or would you play it smart and counter the metaphorical “heat” by the literal “heat”?

    Just thinking loud in here 🙂