Down memory lane

You wonder if Jermaine Pennant has ever heard of Stanley Matthews, his esteemed predecessor on the Stoke City right wing?

“Calm down dear…”

Perhaps the next time the Prime Minister says, “Calm down, dear!” he might address the words to Arsene Wenger.

London Calling

When Fernando Torres skilfully scored that hugely belated goal against West Ham, the reaction of his much put upon manager, Carlo Ancelotti, was predictably one…

The Mancunian candidates

Having crashed so disastrously at Wembley against Manchester City, can we reasonably expect Manchester United to do any better against the remarkable Schalke?

End of an era?

The takeover of Arsenal by the American billionaire Stan Kroenke has led to an avalanche of sentimental tosh. We are to believe that the club’s…