Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein believes Uefa’s new ruling on homegrown players could be challenged in the courts.

Uefa has told clubs they must have four homegrown players in their squad by 2006 to enter the Champions League and the UEFA Cup.

But Dein is opposed to the new ruling believes it “restricts the free movement of workers”.

He told BBC Radio Five Live: “It’s misguided and it will almost certainly now be challenged.”

At a January meeting, Dein said the Premier League had voted against the Uefa ruling.

“Few Premier League squads would meet Uefa’s current proposals and we think the quality of our league would suffer,” he said.

“We probably have the most successful league in the world and we tamper with it at our peril.

“Although it has been proposed for Uefa competitions, there is a danger it could eventually be introduced to to all levels.

“We don’t think they can do that.”

Arsenal are one of five clubs from last season’s Champions League who would not have had met the requirement of eight under the eventual new ruling.

The others were Chelsea, Celtic, Rangers and Ajax.