A German football fans’ group is asking Bayern Munich fans boycott the first five minutes of their forthcoming Champions League meeting with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

The idea has come about as a response to the price Bayern supporters are being charged for a ticket.

It is claimed the cheapest ticket, including fees and shipping, costs in the region of €100.

Earlier this month fans protested in England about the rising cost of away tickets in the Premier League.

A statement made on the group’s Facebook page ‘Without Fans Football is not worth a Penny‘, said: “Such pricing makes young and socially disadvantaged fans to stadium visitors impossible, destroyed the fan culture medium and thus the basis of football.

“In England, this development has already occurred.

“The first 5 minutes of the game in London will be the way the football will look like in the future if this madness continues.

“We want to show in the subsequent 85 minutes, what is the alternative and the importance of a vibrant fan culture in football.”

A recent study found the average price of a ticket in England’s top flight is £52.76, while the cost of a ticket in Germany’s Bundesliga comes in at £23.02.

Unsurprisingly, it is the German top flight which is regarded as the best in the world when it comes to value for money.