Craig Bellamy’s future at Newcastle is in doubt after a public spat with manager Graeme Souness.

“I walked off the training ground on Thursday to go and speak to the manager and the people upstairs,” said Bellamy.

“I thought it was resolved, I trained on Friday as normal and came here and found out I wasn’t on the bench.”

“It’s possible Newcastle want to get rid of me and I’m on my way out,” Bellamy told the Evening Chronicle.

“But I can categorically say I have never refused to play for Newcastle. I’ll play anywhere for the club.”

“It is something I have done all season. I saw what happened to Kieron Dyer and do you think I want another situation like that?

“Why did I go all the way to Arsenal if I had no intention of playing?”

But Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd was quick to denounce Bellamy’s behaviour.

“I wish to put the record straight regarding the Bellamy situation,” said Shepherd.

“Craig walked off the training ground saying his hamstring was tight (on Friday), but what he failed to reveal was that he had told other members of the squad before training that he intended to feign injury.

“When Graeme discovered this he immediately ordered Bellamy to attend a meeting in my office.

“At that meeting Bellamy admitted to Graeme and I that he had told the players that he was going to “fake” an injury in training and walk off.

“He also agreed at that meeting to apologise to his team mates for his behaviour. He didn’t do this which resulted in the action taken by the manager at the weekend, which I fully support.

“In my book this is cheating on the club, the supporters, the manager and his own team-mates.

“He is paid extremely well and I consider his behaviour to be totally unacceptable and totally unprofessional.”

Souness, meanwhile, is unhappy with the player’s stance.

“Craig is not happy in the position we are asking him to play sometimes – he’s gone about showing his displeasure in totally the wrong way,” said Souness.

“I’m not happy with Craig. He has let me down, the players down and most of all the supporters.

“There was an incident which led to me having to have a meeting between the chairman, the player and myself.

“He declared himself injured on Friday and walked off – then he was fit on Saturday.

“We’re trying to create a team spirit at Newcastle, and I’m only interested in having players at the club who give everything for the cause.

“Sometimes you have to play in a position that you may feel is not your best – our supporters don’t want to hear the petulance of a player saying he only wants to play in a certain position.”

But Bellamy insisted he had given his all for the club despite his displeasure at being played in an unfamiliar position.

“I’ve been told to do a job for the team, that’s what I’ve tried to do,” he said.

“We get linked with centre-forwards, which is the club’s priority. I’m playing out of position and I want to go up front.

“It’s probably selfish. I went to the manager and chairman and they said they weren’t getting a forward.

“I feel I’m not doing myself justice in midfield, I feel for the midfield boys who have to sweep up for me because I’m so attack-minded.”

Bellamy denied reports he was unfit to face Arsenal.

“I got left out and there have been reports, but I am fully fit,” Bellamy added.

“I will play anywhere, I’ve proved that by playing 20 games out of position.

“The fans know it, they’ve seen me play out of position week-in and week-out. I’ve not moaned or sulked – I’ve got on with it.”

Bellamy is valued at £6m and with Aston Villa, who missed out on the signing of James Beattie, still in the market for a striker, a move to Villa Park before the end of the transfer window, could be a possibility.