Berlusconi to devote more time to ailing Milan

Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has promised to devote more of his time to the Serie A club as their troubled start to the season continued with a 2-2 draw at lowly Livorno on Saturday.

That result left Milan 22 points adrift of league leaders Juventus, while a gap of 14-points separates them from third placed Napoli and a spot in next season’s Champions League.

Things have gone better in Europe this season, although they must gain at least a draw at home to Ajax on Wednesday night to be sure of reaching the knockout stages.

“Last year, after a disastrous first half of the season, I took more interest and we snatched third place,” Berlusconi said. “I believe that the team currently needs a bit more attention.”

“I had taken a step back. I wanted to dedicate myself to the three things which mean the most to me: building hospitals for children in the world, the University of liberal thought, which is ready and is beautiful, and AC Milan,” he added.

Which shows that despite his recent tribulations, and the fact that he has a seven-year prison sentence hanging over him, Berlusconi’s sense of humour remains intact.

For coach Massimiliano Allegri, to whom Berlusconi has shown commendable loyalty, the greater involvement in the running of the club of the president may be a concern, though. Berlusconi was reported to be keen on getting rid of Allegri last season, only to be talked out of it by his vice-president Adriano Galliani.