FIFA president Sepp Blatter has attacked the English FA’s handling of the Rio Ferdinand drug saga, claiming the matter should have been dealt with more efficiently.

Blatter was in the UK to meet Prime Minister Tony Blair.

“I said to him that (the FA’s treatment of the case) is the way it should not be dealt with,” Blatter reported.

“The regulations of FIFA are clear,” he repeated.

“If a player fails to go for a test he shall be considered guilty and immediately suspended until dealt with by the relevant body. This was not done and we were not informed until it was too late.”

Blatter also reiterated his commitment to a reduction in the number of clubs playing in the Premier League.

“Twenty is too many,” he said of the number of Premiership members.

Blatter feels that no club should have more than 45 domestic fixtures a year. The Premiership programme alone amounts to 38 games at the moment and of the FIFA chief gets his way, the league will be compelled to reduce that figure to 30.