Newcastle United are reported to be prepared to offload Kieron Dyer to any club prepared to offer £8m for the England midfielder.

Dyer is at loggerheads with the club following his refusal start on the right wing at Middlesbrough on Saturday.

According to reports, members of the St James Park hierarchy are furious with Dyer and would prefer he leave now even if that means the club is unable to command the fee they feel the midfielder merits. A year ago, Dyer was being spoken of as a £15m midfielder but his stock has since fallen and Newcastle would be prepared to accept a cut-price fee of around half that figure.

Dyer, on £65,000 a week, ranks among the club’s highest earners, and would be unwilling to accept a pay cut to leave Newcastle. Moreover, potential suitors would be forced to accede to his demands that he play in central midfield.

A “friend” of Dyer’s told yesterday’s Sun: “It can only get worse; he will not change his mind. This is a big season for Kieron and he believes he can make the breakthrough [with England] now, especially with Paul Scholes having retired.

“Bobby loves him because he can play in so many different positions but that is no good to Kieron. Everyone else appears to be allowed to play where they want except him.”