England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson has admitted that he will warn Wayne Rooney about his behaviour ahead of tonight’s international friendly match against Holland.

Eriksson had to substitute Rooney during England’s last match in Spain and the 19-year-old was fortunate not to be sent off in the league at Arsenal last week.

“I may speak to Wayne about it but you cannot take away his temperament, it’s why he’s so good,” said Eriksson.

“Even in practice, he hates to lose. But I might talk to him a little bit.”

Eriksson also admitted he still is not sure of the Manchester United striker’s best position.

“Wayne Rooney is one of the biggest talents we have in this country and I want him to be protected. Of course, I do not want him to have a red card,” the Swede added.

“I really do not know where Wayne’s best position is. He is extremely good everywhere he plays.

“I am talking about on the right, on the left, as the only striker, as the second striker and, as we play him, as the offensive midfielder in the diamond.

“He does a great job there as well. But give him the ball and he will do the business wherever he is operating from.”