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Everton have requested a retraction from Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho following his comments about striker Andrew Johnson.

Mourinho branded the England striker a diver following a challenge with Chelsea keeper Hilario in Sunday’s encounter at Goodison Park.

An Everton statement said: “To publicly question a player of Andrew’s integrity and honesty is wholly unacceptable.

“It’s quite possibly defamatory and we ask Mr Mourinho to immediately retract his allegations.”

The joint statement from Everton and Johnson’s agent Anthony McFarlane, also called on the Football Association to examine Mourinho’s comments.

It said: “We would urge the footballing authorities to look closely at Mr Mourinho’s comment and then, perhaps, seek a formal explanation.

“Both Everton FC and Andrew Johnson have always believed in the virtues of fair play.”

Johnson fell in in the box under Chelsea keeper Hilario’s challenge prompting Mourinho to suggest the striker had dived.

Mourinho said: “He’s dangerous for opponents because you cannot trust him, and I was not happy with that.

“But I think he was a bit embarrassed and he behaved very well after that.

“In my country we call them ‘intelligent’ players. In other countries you can use different words and are critical.

“I’ve been in this country for three years now and I am influenced by your culture. It is a country I admire, I am proud to be part of it.

“For me when a player chases a penalty, he is no longer an intelligent player.”

Everton manager David Moyes accused Mourinho of hypocrisy.

“After all, he’s got a big 15 stone striker up front who is quite partial to it himself.

“I saw the incident on television and I don’t think it was a penalty, but it certainly wasn’t a dive either.

“A few weeks ago the Chelsea keeper got caught by a Reading player who was criticised for that.

“Our player is slightly bumped, straddles the goalkeeper and jumps over him. He’s missed the keeper and he gets criticised for that, so you can’t win.”

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