Two days after threatening to leave the club in search of honours, Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard has expressed his desire to win trophies at Anfield.

Gerrard scored a last-gasp goal to give them a 3-1 win over Olympiakos and book their place in the knockout stages.

He said: “The main point I have made is I want to be in a Liverpool side which challenges for the Champions League and the title all the time.

“I want to be winning things with Liverpool, not somewhere else.”

Gerrard had said before the game he would consider leaving Anfield if the club was knocked out of Europe.

“I am a fan as well and I think what I have said the supporters will agree with,” he added.

“We have to build on wins like this, not just settle for a great win and then not progress any further.

“My goal against the Greeks is one of the most important I have ever scored and I hope it turns out to be one of the most important for the club for a long time.

“I know I put a lot of pressure on myself because of what I said, and I felt I needed a big performance, but I am not going to go around telling lies about how I feel.”

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez believes Gerrard can win everything he wants at Anfield.

“Steven can win all he wants with us and we need him. He has seen that we have a good team and we can do more things in the future,” said Benitez.

“But if we want to win more games, important games, we need Steven in the team.

“We need his strength, the strong mentality he has and his quality. I think he likes and wants the responsibility of leading this team.”