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New Celtic signing Thomas Gravesen has criticised his former coach Fabio Capello, claiming the recently appointed Real Madrid boss did not give him a chance.

The Danish midfielder ended his 18 month stay in Spain by joining Celtic on transfer deadline day in a deal worth around £2 million.

Gravesen is angry that Capello, who was appointed earlier in the summer, had already decided to offload the Dane without having first seen him play.

“Capello arrived and told me in a very arrogant manner – without having seen me play – that he didn’t want me,” Gravesen told the Daily Record.

“He is not a nice guy. He did not even give me an opportunity. He didn’t even know my name. He was arrogant and selfish.

“Mine wasn’t the only name he couldn’t remember. He referred to goalkeeper Iker Casillas as Bobo, which is the name of a former keeper who had already left the club.”

Gravesen was also critical of some of his former Real team mates.

“It’s fantastic to play for them when they are in the mood,” he continued.

“But the team fell apart at times because only a few were doing any running.

“If a player is a superstar and earns more than any of the others then they should be leading the way but they didn’t. At times they behaved like s***s.”

Shortly before he left Madrid, Gravesen was involved in a training ground bust-up with Robinho.

“I made a couple of strong tackles on him but didn’t leave him with any bruises.

“He retaliated by hitting me and giving me a couple of kicks so I went for him. It would have been better if I had not reacted like that.

“But Spanish TV, who had film of the sequence of events, decided not to show them. I wonder why?”

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