Guadalajara Chivas ignore fans’ threats

Guadalajara Chivas managed to ignore threatening banners displayed by fans to record a rare victory over UNAM Pumas in the Mexican Apertura championship.

The west stand of Chivas’s Omnilife stadium contained numerous banners denouncing players, coaching staff and club owner Jorge Vergara at Sunday’s match.

“Leave or you die”, “Enough is enough”, “You can’t mess with history”, “Our patience is up”, “Mediocre directors” and “Go, Vergara”, said some of the banners displayed.

Guadalajara, who hold a joint record 11 league titles but last won the crown in 2006, have been struggling to live up to their reputation.

Coach Juan Carlos Ortega brushed aside the banners, saying: “I didn’t even read or see them, the match was too good to be looking at threats on sheets.

“We already have a very serious worry trying to get the team to win,” he told reporters after Chivas’s second victory in 16 matches in the championship.

Guadalajara, three from bottom of the 20-team championship, have failed to reach the eight-team knockout rounds which is the bare minimum expected of Mexico’s leading clubs.

The worry for the club from now on, is that from the fans perspective, the threats appear to have had the desired effect.