Thierry Henry believes Arsenal must improve their squad if they are to challenge for the Premier League title again.

Citing the injuries to Edu and Gilberto Silva to explain Arsenal’s decline over the course of the season, Henry feels that some of the younger squad players at Highbury are being asked to do too much.

“The turning point of our season was not our defeat at Old Trafford after 49 undefeated matches,” he told L’Equipe.

“The key moment is when we lost Gilberto Silva and Edu with injuries. And some other players too.

“I don’t want to say bad things about anybody, but look at our substitutes and the Chelsea and Manchester ones.

“We have great, young players but you can’t ask them to be present all along during the season.

“We don’t have the same squad as our adversaries and I have said that for a long time.”

Henry will be hoping Arsene Wenger is given some cash to spend in the summer although the stadium move to Ashburton Grove has obviously hit the North Londoners financially.