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Tottenham coach Joe Jordan has branded Gennaro Gattuso ”pathetic” after the Milan midfielder claimed an anti-Italian remark provoked his head-butt when the two teams met this week at the San Siro.

Gattuso has been charged with ”gross unsporting conduct” by UEFA after head-butting former Milan striker Jordan following Spurs’ 1-0 Champions League last-16 first-leg win on Tuesday.

UEFA’s control and disciplinary body will discuss the case against the 33-year-old Italian on February 21.

Gattuso’s agent Claudio Pasqualin claimed Jordan had called him an ”Italian b******” but the Scot has denied those allegations.

“Jordan, after having continually targeted him verbally, insulted him with a low phrase which was ‘f***ing Italian b***ard'”, Pasqualin said. “For somebody like Rino, who has a strong sense of belonging to Italy, I believe that this was the most cowardly and undignified of the insults.”

However, Jordan, who enjoyed a spell with Milan in the 1980s, hit back and dismissed the claims.

”To come up with something like that is pathetic,” Jordan told the Daily Mail.

”It is completely and utterly untrue and something so wildly inaccurate doesn’t do him much credit.

“He will have to address his conduct overall, and account for himself to UEFA, but the allegation he has made is something else. I’m not having that, because Italy has played an important part in my life and will continue to.

”He clearly doesn’t realise I consider playing for Milan the proudest time of my career, that my daughter lives and works in Italy and that I love the country and the people. It’s just a nonsense, it really is.”

Listen to the easyodds FA Cup tipping podcast here for the verdict on the weekend action!

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