In what sounds like an eventful match in Dallas, Roma’s Seydou Keita refused to shake Real Madrid defender Pepe’s hand and threw a water bottle at him. And this occurred before theĀ kick-off of a friendly match.

The pair have history stretching back to Keita’s time with Barcelona, but this was more than just a renewal of the traditional clasico rivalry: Keita accused Pepe of calling him a monkey during a Super CupĀ Clasico clash in 2011.

This was the same match that saw Jose Mourinho stick his finger into the eye of the late Tito Vilanova.

This time, after the Mali man refused to shake his opponent’s hand in the pre-match pleasantries the pair had to be separated by team mates,before Keita launched a bottle, which flashed past Pepe’s head.

Amazingly, and uncharacteristically, the combustible Pepe laughed off the incident.