Germany coach Jurgen Klinsmann has spoken out against his critics, claiming that his opponents are undermining his preparations for the 2006 World Cup finals.

“From now on I’m not going to spend any more time justifying anything,” Klinsmann, told Bild.

“I’m going to talk only about players and coaches who are now in the team.”

Klinsmann has been criticised for sacking his goalkeeping coach Sepp Maier, after Maier backed Oliver Kahn in his ongoing battle with Jens Lehmann to be the Gerrman goalkeeper.

“Our task is quite clear: to help Germany recover and put together a strong team in 2006,” Klinsmann told Bild.

“We need to have the right environment to bring out the best in everyone. We’ve made decisions to improve the quality, on the sporting side as well as the surroundings.

“What’s important is that we have a plan and we’re implementing it.”

“What bothers me about all the debating going on is that the performance of the team isn’t getting the recognition it deserves,” Klinsmann added.

“We’ve led the team from the bottom of the pit after Euro 2004. But we, the coaching staff, are always having to justify everything we do.”