Milan captain Paolo Maldini is disgusted that he could win the Serie A title by default, because of the corruption scandal sweeping theough Italian football.

The match-fixing allegations revolving around Italian champions Juventus have led to suggestions that they could be stripped of the title and even relegated with the scudetto instead be awarded to runners-up Milan.

Maldini found himself in a similar position in 1993 when it transpired that Marseille, who beat Milan in the Champions League final, had bribed opponents to win the French championship.

“I don’t want to celebrate titles that have already been celebrated by others,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I repeat, I don’t want to win in that way, like I wasn’t interested in Marseille’s Champions League.

“The most important thing is that those responsible get punished and in this case, so I’ve read, there seem to be a lot responsible.

“I’m realistic, but sickened. Upset, but realistic. I think guys who are to going to start playing the game will have to find a very different to the form of football than the one we’re seeing in the papers and on TV, at the moment.”