Diego Maradona has been given permission to leave a psychiatric clinic where he was being held against his will for cocaine addiction treatment.

Maradona’s family forced him to enter the clinic on the outskirts of Buenos Aires in May after spending time in intensive care with a swollen heart and breathing problems.

Judge Vedia has now granted Maradona permission to return to Cuba.

“All the parts, like the family and others, should be notified now, and only after that he can leave,” he said.

He added: “Also, legally we have to wait a couple of days to see if someone files any complaint about this.”

Maradona was making plans to return to Cuba.

“We’ll be leaving as soon as possible,” Alfredo Cahe, Maradona’s personal doctor, told local radio.

Maradona’s family claimed his addiction left him mentally unfit to make decisions about his treatment.