The ethics of Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has criticised striker Romelu Lukaku for refusing to disclose the real reason he was sent on loan to Everton.

Lukaku joined Everton in a season-long deal on transfer deadline day and has been a hit Goodison Park, scoring 7 goals in 8 appearances.

But following comments from the Belgian this week that Mourinho has not been in touch to check on his progress, the Chelsea boss has responded by suggesting that the 20-year-old has something to hide.

“Romelu likes to speak. He is a young boy and he likes to speak,” Mourinho said.

“But the only thing he didn’t say was why he went to Everton on loan, that’s the only thing he never says.

“My last contact with him was to tell him exactly that. ‘Why do you never say why you are not here?’

“So it’s something he should [say] because he likes to speak, it’s something he should say.”

But when pressed to explain what he meant, Mourinho refused. Instead, opting for his now familiar passive aggressive mode, which allows him to damn Lukaku whilst excusing himself from any malicious intent.

“I keep private my conversations with my players,” he added.

“There are things in our lives we have to keep for ethical reasons.”

Although exposing a young player to the harsh glare of media intrusion in this fashion, does not suggest a person too closely acquainted with an ethical lifestyle.