Jose Mourinho has taken an oblique swipe at David Beckham, by revealing he would never attempt to sign a ‘Galactico’ player.

After reports linking Chelsea with a move for Beckham, the Blues manager insisted he would do nothing to risk upsetting the harmony within the Stamford Bridge dressing room.

“All you need is a strong group of players – you don’t need a Hollywood star,” Mourinho stated.

“What the devil is a Galactico anyway? Is it a player with a lot of prestige?

“Or one who can produce a great performance in 60 matches?

“The image of the Galatico comes from the social lives, publicity and fame that the players have achieved. And it is those Galacticos that I distrust.

“My doubt about them does not concern their ability but what surrounds them and makes their performances inconsistent.

“Everyone knows I prefer players like Paulo Ferreira or Didier Drogba.”