Jose Mourinho has dismissed suggestions that Chelsea are vulnerable after suffering defeats in their last two matches.

Following back-to-back defeats to Newcastle in the FA Cup and Barcelona in the Champions League, there has been talk of the Mourinho and his players crumbling under the pressure.

But the Portuguese coach insisted that Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger would be too happy to be in his position at the moment.

“They (Manchester United and Arsenal) can’t speak to us about blips because they’re not in a better position than us,” Mourinho told a press conference ahead of Sunday’s League Cup final against Liverpool.

“Do they want to change positions with us? We are top of the league by nine points and in the Carling (League) Cup final.

“The only thing they can say they are in a better position than us in is the FA Cup.

“In the Champions League all three teams can either go through or go out but the one team that is in the best position is still Chelsea,” he added.

“Don’t try to put pressure on me because I am never under pressure.

“We have lost one important game this week – at Newcastle – and we’re out of the FA cup but I don’t think a defeat in a first-leg tie is a real defeat. We are just 2-1 down at half-time.”