Players union FIFPro believes that the proposed reforms to football’s governing body FIFA would further damage the game, as it would consolidate power in the hands of national associations and confederations.

“Football’s monopolistic structure will be further entrenched under the proposed, so-called reforms,” FIFPro said in a statement.

FIFA is currently mired in a corruption scandal that has led to the arrest of several key figures within the game.

Forty-one individuals, many of them national association presidents, have been indicted in the United States and FIFA’s own ethics committee has banned president, Sepp Blatter, barred for eight years.

Later this month FIFA Congress will elect a new president and be asked to vote on reforms aimed at bringing transparency and reform to the scandal-hit organisation.

FIFPro, which represents 65,000 professional footballers worldwide, said the proposed reforms would actually exacerbate FIFA’s problems.

“There will be even more power in the hands of the confederations and national member associations of FIFA who have been the source of corruption and the worst crisis in FIFA’s history.”

An radical trsnformation was urgently needed “otherwise, we’re faced with a potentially worse scenario,” it said.

FIFPro also criticised some of the election promises made to FIFA’s 209 member national football associations by the candidates looking to succeed Blatter.

“It’s alarming that these very same organisations are set to be rewarded with more FIFA grants, more World Cup spots, and more places on the FIFA executive committee,” FIFPro said.