Paraguay striker Roque Santa Cruz is happy to be facing England in the World Cup finals as he believes his country have secured a relatively easy group.

The Bayern Munich striker suggested that England usually struggle to live up to the pre-tournament hype.

“The group is good for us, there are many that are far worse,” said Santa Cruz.

“People get very excited when they see you are drawn against England because they have all these superstars.

“Maybe some people think we are unlucky to get them in our group.

“I don’t see it that way. What about the teams who are playing Brazil or Germany in their group? Do you think they are saying ‘fantastic, at least we didn’t get drawn against England’?

“Out of all the top teams we could have had in our group England are probably the best one for us.

“Before every World Cup there is always a lot of talk about England but they never perform to their expectations.

“For me, Germany are far more dangerous.

“Even when they are not in form they can fight to get important results and perform better than is expected.

“So many people think England will be one of the favourites, but that is not always a good thing.

“As with any country where the nation feels the team should win the World Cup, there will be a lot of pressure on them.

“The people of Paraguay want us to do well and will support us with all their hearts but they are realistic that we are not a top favourite.

“I’m happy we will start against England. I believe they will be nervous and it is an opportunity for us to capitalise on that.”

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