Thaksin Shinawatra Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra says his country’s bid for a 30% stake in Liverpool has been accepted “in principle”.

It has also emerged that the £60m deal will be funded by a one-off state lottery in Thailand.

“In principle they agreed and now we are working on details,” said Thaksin.

“I hope we have no problems but if we cannot agree with Liverpool we have alternatives.”

“By the end of June, we’ll own a stake in a Premiership club.”

“Now 60% is comfortable, and there’s still another 40% that we still have to discuss before we agree,” said Thaksin

. “In principle there shouldn’t be any problem.

“We submitted the MOU (memorandum of understanding) to them and they countered with their draft to us and then we have to have further negotiation.

“Things should conclude this week.”

Spokesman Santiparb Tejavanija earlier said: “I’m flying to Liverpool tonight. Our proposal has been approved.”

The Liverpool board had to choose between Thaksin’s offer and and that of lifelong fan Steve Morgan’s rival £73m bid.

Morgan aimed to raise £61m with a rights issue and £12m through a share issue, but directors described the plan “unattractive”, claiming it undervalued the true value of the Anfield club.