Bolton’s Danish midfielder Stig Tofting has been handed a four-month jail sentence after being found guilty of assault.

The incident occured at the ‘Cafe Ketchup’ restaurant in Copenhagen in June when Tofting attended a night out with his Danish international colleagues. The stocky midfielder head- butted restaurant manager punched the chef Michael Wilson.

It was not the first time Tofting has been involved in such an incident and the 32-year-old was aware that he could face imprisonment if found guilty.

“That is the way life is sometimes,” said Tofting’s agent, Carsten Aabrink. “It is a very tough decision. Normally in Denmark it is a tough decision.

“He apologised to the (restaurant) manager but that is not enough in Denmark. As long as his family support him and Bolton support him it should be okay.”

“He is surprised that the punishment was so tough. He took it like a man,” added Aabrink. “He can appeal but has to make a decision in the next two weeks.”

Tofting remains a free man while his legal team contemplate an apppeal against the decision.

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