The G-14 group representing some of the Europe’s leading clubs have withdrawn their opposition to FIFA’s Club World Championship and agreed to participate in the six-club tournament.

FIFA announced early this year that the annual championship would be revived in December 2005 with all six confederations sending their champions to Tokyo.

The G-14 group opposed the creation of the competition, complaining about the undue burnden placed on their players by an already overcongested calendar.

However, today, UEFA confirmed that its 102-strong European Club Forum had agreed to take part in the championship although the team concerned would not necessarily be the winners of the Champions League.

“The European Club Forum discussed and agreed to participate in the new format FIFA Club World Championship starting in 2005, the clubs agreeing that the participation of the qualified European club be on an invitational basis only and as long as the present six-club format is maintained,” a statement said.