Uefa has decided to compromise on the issue of Denmark hosting home international matches after the Danes were originally ordered to play their next four Euro 2008 qualifiers at least 155 miles from the capital Copenhagen.

UEFA said it would reduce the constraints, which were imposed after a Euro 2008 match on June 2 was abandoned because a Danish fan attacked the referee.

Jim Stjerne Hansen, the secretary general of the Danish federation, argued that there were no UEFA-approved stadiums in Denmark that far from the capital.

“Should one of the potential stadiums be located at a distance a little less than indicated in the decision, Uefa would approve this stadium, as long as it meets security requirements,” UEFA told the DBU in a letter.

On Friday, UEFA awarded Sweden a 3-0 victory, ordered Denmark to play its next four home qualifiers at least 155 miles from Copenhagen and fined the federation £40,000.