Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho has angered Uefa by missing the media conference ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League match with Bayern Munich.

The club’s fitness coach Rui Faria and striker Mikael Forssell attended but Uefa were unhappy at what the perceived to be a snub on the eve of such a significant fixture.

Uefa’s delegate said: “It is not ideal. I will have to report it to Uefa.

“Bayern’s manager, captain Oliver Kahn and Owen Hargreaves were there but Chelsea did not even bother telling us who they intended putting up.”

And Eichler added: “The situation is very tense between Uefa and Mourinho.

“We cannot force Chelsea into anything as there is no punishment for this – but just look at the difference between the teams.”

Mourinho absence may be seen as a reaction to the two-match ban imposed by Uefa after their defeat at Barcelona last month.

Faria was accused of being in contact with Mourinho during the first leg with claims that he was using an earpiece beneath his hat.

But he says he did nothing wrong during the Stamford Bridge tie.

“I will use it again, so you will see me with the hat. I have nothing to hide,” said Faria.

“For me, you should be asking why Jose is not on the bench, if the truth is already in the papers you need to ask the people responsible.”

Earlier, Mourinho warned that his team will find it tough in Germany.

“I see it will be a difficult game. If they score early or if they score late, it will be a difficult game for us,” he said.

“It was very difficult for me last week, very difficult. I wouldn’t say it turned out harder than I thought it would be – but it was still hard enough.

“You have to coach the team, you have to coach the assistants, you have to coach everybody around you because you are not there. That part is fine. It’s enjoyable.

“But the other part, when you can’t be directly involved in the match, is difficult. But it’s only one more, only one more game.”