Ukraine has issued an ultimatum to Poland: to improve its’ facilities or risk being dropped from the joint bid to host Euro 2012.

The Ukraine has been unhappy with Poland’s contribution to the bid, with Grigory Surkis, a senior football official stating: “The football federation of Poland has done nothing to improve its’ facilities so they might be ready to host the event of such a level.

“Poland’s lack of initiative may force us to change the partner. We are looking to see if we can invite another neighbouring country, Russia, which already has a developed soccer infrastructure. This can seriously raise our chances.”

News that Russia coule be invited to form part of the bid, certainly came as a surprise to the Russians.

Spokesman Vyacheslav Koloskov said “I am positive about this idea because we are neighbouring fellow Slavic nations. But I can only comment on it once we receive an official proposal.”

The only time the finals have been held in eastern Europe was in 1976 when the semi-finals and final were held in Yugoslavia.