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  • deeko

    Neil Lennon felt pretty uncomfortable playing at Windsor Park.
    I am a Rangers supporter and like you Mr Campbell not a catholic but unlike you i have no problem with the town being called Derry.
    The War is over,move on sir….nothing more o be seen here

  • Laurent

    Brian Glanville’s all time euros XI sounds like a joke! Even Kopa himself who played only 3 games in his entire career for France ( one against Greece and two against Austria, scoring two goals) would be surprised to be selected in such a team! Kopa was great at the World Cup 1958 but his contribution for France at Euros was extremely limited. He did not play in any final tournament game!. To the contrary, not selecting Platini who scored 9 goals in 5 games during a final tournament, who was the real playmaker and was head and shoulder above any other player during this euro 84, seems to be quite incredible! I cannot think of a player who has been dominating a Euro tournament like Platni did in 1984!! Netzer in 1972, Dieter Muller in 1976, Schuster in 1980, Sammer in 1996, Zidane in 2000, Xavi in 2008 have been all crucial to their team but they can’t compare with Platini in 1984!! Only the 1988 Van Basten is able to match him. But he only scores 5 goals in 4 games (i don’t think he played the first game against USSR). Platini has been only average during both 1982 & 1986 World Cups but he was at his very very best in 1984! And frankly speaking, Acimovic was a good player but a better one (during Euros) than Xavi, Schuster, Sammer, Netzer, Van Himst, Panenka, Figo or Zidane, frankly speaking i doubt it!

  • Rob

    I was interested in giving your digital magazine a read through Zinio. I downloaded the app, selected your magazine and promptly died of a heart attack!! Seriously £5 per issue for a digital copy?!! If it was priced at a more reasonably £1.99 to £2.99 you would have had a sale today.

  • John Campbell

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to bring to your attention an offensive item in your Secret Weapons article. The author has clearly not researched his information as there is a glaring error in the profile of James McClean. It states that James McClean was born in ‘Derry’. There is no town or city in Northern Ireland called Derry; the proper name is Londonderry and I will explain why calling it Derry is offensive as clearly the author didn’t bother to research it.

    Londonderry is the second largest city in Northern Ireland, however, the nationalist, minority faction in Northern Ireland refers to the city as ‘Derry’, refusing to recognise the honour bestowed upon the City by the merchants of London. Being nationalist and seeking an All-Ireland, they refuse to recognise any connection to Britain etc. Generally, Catholics in Northern Ireland refer to the city as Derry and the Unionist population afford the lovely city it proper name. Your article broaches a political issue and we know that politics and sport aren’t a good mix.

    Londonderry is the name of the City and this cannot be changed by anyone other than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 (Oh, and Nick Bidwell). I think you will agree that this is very poor journalism and not at all what we are used to from your excellent publication. Perhaps Mr Bidwell asked a colleague in N Ireland to write the article for him and that person was from the nationalist community.

    Mr Bidwell did mention a very touchy subject in his article, namely, players representing Northern Ireland up to U21 level and then jumping ship to the Republic. This set of circumstances was a direct result of the Peace Process in Northern Ireland and the fact that Northern Ireland citizens can claim dual nationality with the Republic of Ireland; funnily enough, the political situation in Northern Ireland has changed dramatically over the last decade and as you are probably aware, Derry City from Londonderry (as they are a private venture they can call themselves whatever they wish, and no one has a problem with that) play in a foreign league, namely the FAI Irish League (Republic of Ireland). This was caused by security issues in the 70’s and 80’s, however, as peace has broken out I see no reason why Derry City should play in the football league of their country, The Irish League. All the teams from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland play in the Setanta Cup each year without any crowd trouble etc.

    There are all manner of football stories in Northern Ireland and perhaps you could do an article in your fine magazine, particularly the poaching of Northern Ireland players like McClean and Darren Gibson, but if you do, good luck getting an impartial reporter; nearly everyone and everything in Northern Ireland is defined by their religion.

    Lastly, one small point; I am not a Unionist bigot getting upset by your article, I am just passionate about Northern Ireland and I would like to refer you to this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Ireland_national_football_team

    The Catholic players who go to the Republic of Ireland give the lame excuse that they feel uncomfortable about playing at Windsor Park in Belfast with its hordes of Unionist fans chanting anti-nationalist songs etc; this is simply untrue and naturally we wouldn’t be rewarded with the European award if we were a bunch of bigots. If you are really interested, please sign up to the Ourweecountry website, it is fantastic and the forums are hilarious; if anyone were to do an article on N Ireland, this website would be their starting point.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant.

    John Campbell