An advert for a soft drink featuring Brazil's World Cup hope, Neymar, has been banned.


Politicians in Brazil have requested the removal of an advert in which Neymar appears, on the grounds that it promotes the bullying of tourists.

The advert promoting the soft drink Guaraná Antártica shows Neymar helping three tourists buy the drink from a vendor.

Instead of providing them with the Portuguese phrase, however, the Brazil international gives them funny phrases.

“It’s not being creative, it’s having a laugh at the expense of foreigners and a Brazilian player respected the world over should not be seen promoting this attitude,” said one of the politicians leading the campaign to have the advert banned.

According to the drinks company Ambev, no offence was intended by the adverts but politicians are worried by the image it projects less than three months before the World Cup finals take place.


  • John Cairney

    I can see that this sort of humour could be funny, it is not a new idea. Not very welcoming though to tourists or football fans who want to be friendly and want to feel that they can trust their hosts. I think that the objectors have a point.

  • I think it’s a funny add really. weird call there in my opinion