Gavin HamiltonTwo words to explain why Carlos Tevez wants to leave Manchester City: Kia Joorabchian. Joorabchian, Tevez’s long-time agent, is quoted today as saying that “Corinthians got in touch and we’re looking at the possibility”. Corinthians are reported to have offered 40 million euros for Tevez.

On first inspection, the story looks a non-runner. It’s not clear where Corinthians will find the money, though they no longer have Ronaldo on their books.

But leaving aside the argument of multi-millionaire, private jet-using Tevez wanting to be closer to his family – a complete red herring – the Corinthians story isn’t without foundation.

Joorabchian may be trying to flush out other offers – realistically, only Inter and Real Madrid would be contenders for Tevez. But former club Corinthians could be the only option open to Tevez if City play hard ball over the fee.

A move to his former club Corinthians would enable Tevez to move again in January – to a club in Spain and Italy. Carlos gets Champions League football at the business end of the European season. City get shot of a disruptive dressing-room influence, with a fee to pay for a replacement. And Joorabchian get his slice of the deal.

The Copa America is holding up the European transfer market. Tevez, Alexis Sanchez, Sergio Aguero are just some of the big names whose summer moves are being delayed until after the tournament in Argentina.

Joorabchian, who only gets paid when Tevez moves clubs, is fast running out of time and options.