To get the iPad edition you need to download the free App from the Apple Store.

With the Newsstand App, iPad-only subscriptions and individual editions are also available to purchase.

Further information for UK readers can be found here. Readers in the United States should click here, while those of you in the rest of the world, click here.

Further details on how to get the digital editions are available below.

How to set up your iPad edition

Firstly, ensure that you are connected to the internet on your iPad Due to the file size we advise against downloading the entire magazine on 3G Secondly, please be aware that the magazine is only viewable in portrait NOT landscape

1) In the App Store search for World Soccer magazine. Tap the ‘Free’ button and install the App.

2) The App will automatically launch in the Apple Newsstand.

3) In the ‘Store’ area of the App, tap the ‘GET IT FREE’ button.

4) Fill out the form that pops up with your details to create your digital account.

5) Once submitted you will receive an authentication confirmation message.

6) In the ‘Store’ area of the App you can now sign in.

7) Sign in using the username and password you have just created.

8 ) In your World Soccer ‘library’ you can now obtain the current issue.

Please note you only need to create your account once (step 4). After that please sign into the App (step 6) when required.

If you have any general questions please check our FAQ’s

Our customer care team can be contacted by email at or alternatively, please call 0844 848 2012. Overseas 0044 330 333 1133 (opening hours are 08:30 to 17:30 Mon-Fri) GMT.

If our customer care team have not been able to answer your question, please email with the following details: name, address details including postcode/zipcode and whether you are a print subscriber (if you are a print subscriber please include your 8 digit subscription reference number).

If you’re experiencing difficulty logging into the App you may need to clear your iPad’s cache.

To do this simply:

1. Double-click the iPad home button (ie the main round at the bottom of the iPad).
2. A panel with all recent Apps appears.
3. Find the App you want to close and hold your finger on it (don’t tap it).
4. A red circle with a minus sign will appear in the App’s corner, tap to clear its cache.
5. Go back to Apple newsstand and reopen the App.
6. Log in to the App with correct log in details.

If you have any difficulty downloading the digital editions, please email

*This option is only available on iPad editions.


**Digital editions of the magazine are also available on Kindle Fire and NOOK.