FootballFans is an international community for passionate fans, who want to keep track of their football-watching experiences and share them with fellow fans. They can upload and share the matches they’ve attended, stadiums they’ve visited, games they’ve watched on TV, as well as exchange their memorabilia, experiences and opinions.

  • FootballFans is created by football fans for football fans and updated by genuine supporters who frequently attend matches and contribute with fantastic pictures, reports, videos and memorabilia.
    • It is quite easy to log your match visits. Once logged in you can select your team in the home, away or home and away box. Auto select will provide you with your team and display the available matches. When clicking on the ball on the left of a match, this match is added to your record. This way fans can rapidly build up their database. For example a regular home match visitor can do 100’s in an hour. And if one match is not available, fans can add them themselves, just as you’d’d do with Wikipedia.
    • There are almost 800,000 matches curently available covering over 330 competitions worldwide and the number is growing all the time. At the moment the teams and grounds of level 9 and 10 of the pyramid in England have been added. All data research has been done by FootballFans.
  • So far the FootballFans have posted 120,000 pictures, connected 20,000 videos, uploaded 20,000 memorabilia and added almost 190,000 match visits.
      • Clicking on an individual match will bring you all the information you need, generated by the fans. For example, for the Champions League Finalyou can see who attended the match, who watched on television, comments, statistics, events, line ups, posted pictures, videos, reports, memorabilia (tickets, programmes, etc.) and personal details of one’s visit. FootballFans is a worldwide reference base for football matches, created by fans.There is no equivalent site at the moment covering so many matches with user generated content worldwide.
      • Memorabilia; every fan can create his own personal, digital museum, open 24/7.  All memorabilia will be related to the specific match if available on FootballFans. All this memorabilia is brought together in the Football Fans Museum.
      • The Quick Match Locator is our fantastic feature for fans who are in desperate need for football somewhere in the world on holiday, city trip or at home – Just place your location, enter the radius and go.
      • Scheduler – Fans can indicate which matches they will attend. This information if visible, so that fans can exchange tickets, organize trave together and arrange to one another for a drink.
      • Personal fan profile – There you can view the complete fan performance; the favourite teams, the attended matches and visited stadiums, posted media (photos, videos, reports), collection of memorabilia, football ground map, 92 club record (for all available countries), badges of honor, achievements and so on.
      • Fans can keep track of their record of the 92-club (profile – tab 92-club) just by logging their match visits as this will automatically show their progress.
      • All historical results can be found per competition, for example the Champions League – Tables, matches, fixtures and updates per competition. This is historically backdated, with for example, the top level in England, providing results going back to 1901.
      • Also Twitter and Facebook connections are available for automatic posting of match and stadium visits or goals.
      • With the mobile version ( you can search for matches nearby, based on your location.
      • Finally there is an Android app ( where you can check in at the match you attend and your pictures will be posted real time on FootballFans. Live match reporting done by the real fans, those who are always in the stadium.
      • If you’re interested, simply register and and try out some of the features – you can see more when you are registered. Hope to see you on FootballFans.
      • Enjoy!


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