Quote of the Day

“I was really looking forward to starting. The situation made me feel very uncomfortable. I’m paying for an error I committed and have apologised for but it needs to be forgotten about.

Luis Suarez is back and he would like us to forget why he went away for a while.

It can’t be easy for him. He’s a prodigiously gifted and successful footballer whose talents are admired and feared in equal measure. And yet anything he achieves on the football pitch is always going to be overshadowed by the times the red mist descends and he bites people.

Indeed one is reminded of the hapless subject of the sheep sh**ing joke. But Suarez did not bite just one opponent, he bot three, all in full view of millions of viewers on television. So, his hope that these misdemeanours will soon be forgotten, appears both naive and self-serving.

Still, perhaps Suarez should be grateful that people associate him with biting opponents – there was a time, not so long ago, when his name was synonymous with racism.

Every cloud, however ominous…