Shakhtar Donetsk take a 1-1 draw – and precious away goal – into the second leg of the all Ukrainian UEFA Cup semi-final against Dynamo Kiev.

IFA vice-president Chung Mong-Joon launched an extraordinary attack on AFC chief Mohamed bin Hammam Thursday, saying he had mental problems and needed hospitalising.

The comments from the man who Bin Hammam claims is behind the campaign to unseat him.

“At the beginning of his term he was not like he is today. But he is now acting like the head of a very uncivilised organisation,” said Chung.

“It looks like Mr Hammam is suffering from mental problems. I want to advise him to consider going to hospital.”

Chung, who repeated his assertion that Bin Hammam was “very sick” several times during a news conference, said the Asian Football Confederation was now aflicted by “hatred and mistrust”.

“I am here with a broken heart because I am deeply concerned by the current situation of Asian football under the presidency of Mr Hammam,” he said.

“Asian football is now suffering from a serious lack of transparency, democracy and rule of law. Any confederation can prosper only when its members are united in mutual trust and solidarity.

“Unfortunately, Asian football is now divided and full of mistrust and even hatred.”

Qatar’s Bin Hammam is being challenged for the FIFA executive committee seat he has held since 1996 by Bahrain’s Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, with a vote due at the AFC congress on Friday.

Bin Hammam, who recently claimed Chung knew “nothing about football”, has pledged to step down as AFC president if he loses.

The Qatari has pointed to Chung as the man behind the campaign to unseat him, with speculation rife that if Bin Hammam is deposed the door will open wider for the Korean to become the next FIFA president.

When asked by AFP if this was the case, Chung said there was no proof.

“Mr Hamman has said there is proof. During the executive committee meeting today I asked him where is your proof? He said he can show us the proof later. I hope he can keep his word.

“Mr Hammam says I am campaigning against him because I have an ambition to become FIFA president. That is very wrong.

“This is mud-slinging, dirty campaign tactics by Bin Hammam. He has tried to make me look like a man of greed but I am not a man of greed.

“It is Hammam who started a very aggressive campaign to become FIFA president. Actually, I’m a busy person in Korea. At the moment I don’t have the time to campaign like Bin Hammam to become FIFA president.

“We are worried about the future of Asian football and the serious lack of transparency in AFC financial management,” he said.

“Under these circumstances I believe Friday’s election for the FIFA executive committee seat presents an opportunity for us to choose a new leader who can put Asian football back in the right direction.

“It is clear who we should choose. As a human being, my observation is that Shiekh Salman is well educated and gentle. I’m sure he will be able to restore unity, fairness and democracy.”

Shakhtar Donetsk take a 1-1 draw – and precious away goal – into the second leg of the all Ukrainian UEFA Cup semi-final against Dynamo Kiev.

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