Spain coach Luis Aragones has defended himself against accusations of racism following his remarks about French striker Thierry Henry.

Questioned on the eve of his side’s friendly against England, Aragones hit back at the British reporters who asked him about the incident.

“The problem of racism is, in my opinion, a question of conscience and all I can say is that mine is clear,” said Aragones before asking the reporter who had put the question: “Is your conscience clear? I doubt it.”

Aragones was heard telling Spain’s Jose Antonio Reyes that he was better than “that black shit”, referring to the forward’s Arsenal team mate Henry during a training session before a World Cup qualifier against Belgium.

“I’m sure Thierry knows it was just my way of motivating a player and Reyes has spoken to him to clarify the matter,” added Aragooes, when asked why he had not apologized to Henry.

“I know who is racist, I remember what happened in the (British) colonies. Who was it who were like wolves hunting deer?”

“I’m not a racist but you lot will write what you want. I’ve a lot of black friends who have explained to me that the English were after them in the colonies.”