Luis Aragones claims his family has asked him to stand down as Spain’s coach because of recent allegations of racism.

“I have been insulted by being called racist and nobody had called me that before,” Aragones told radio station Onda Cero.

“I have suffered a lot in the past few days.

“I have never thought about resigning from my position, but my family have asked me to leave the post.”

Aragones has been in the spotlight since making racist comments about Arsenal’s Thierry Henry on the Spanish training ground in October.

The former Mallorca coach made matters worse by claiming that England had chased colonies like “wolves after game” when asked to explain his remarks.

During the match, England’s black players were racially abused by Spanish fans in Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

“You are a slave to your words, but when I said what I said, I was in a private environment,” he said.

“Then in places such as the English press, they have insulted me by calling me a racist. I think it is wrong that they have been saying Spain is racist and that I am, too.”