The Argentina Foootball Association (AFA) has offered Boca Juniors manager Alfio Basile the post of national coach.

AFA president Julio Grondona has asked the former national team boss to replace World Cup casualty Jose Pekerman, who stepped down after the World Cup.

Boca President Mauricio Macri has confirmed that they are looking for a new manager although Basile has not formally accepted the offer.

“Our vice president Pedro Pompilio spoke with Basile about the proposal that Julio Grondona has made to him, so Boca will start to look for a new coach for this season,” Macri admitted.

“Basile has said that he is going to travel with the team to Mexico for the pre-season tour anyway, but we have to start to look for a new coach for when he comes back.

“Grondona has decided that Basile deserves a second chance with the national team, so we don’t think that he will refuse the offer and we can’t stop him from going.

“It’s true that we will have to move quickly because in two weeks we will be starting the Torneo Clausura in Argentina.

“But we are happy that Basile has been elected because he has had a lot of success in the short time that he has been in Boca and he will take that to the national team.”

Basile has won both the Recopa Sudamericana and the Apertura in 2005, since arriving at Boca a year ago.