Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has urged Arsene Wenger and his Chelsea counterpart Jose Mourino to end their war of words.

Mourinho branded Wenger a ‘voyeur’ at the weekend, while Wenger responded by threatening legal action.

“I think it is best (if) people don’t talk about individuals,” Hill-Wood told the Evening Standard.

“For instance, I don’t think I should make comments about other chairmen. Little personal jibes are irrelevant.”

The Arsenal chairman said there was no ill-feeling between the two clubs at boardroom level.

“At the top level, there is no animosity. We are determined to live as friends in the Premier League. I am sure that all this will blow over.”

Mourinho also revealed that Chelsea had “a file of 120 pages” full of Wenger’s quotes about their club over the last year.

“He has talked enough about us including some very strange things about Chelsea Football Club,” he said after the Betis match.

“We have a very strong answer. I accept the next answer being strong, but it is time to stop because if he don’t stop we are there. We are in the fight.”