Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says Sunday’s final game at Highbury will be an emotional occasion.

Arsenal move to their new Emirates Stadium next season after spending 93 years at Highbury.

“It will be emotional because when we walk out there we know there will be no way back,” Wenger said.

“We cannot come back and visit again as it will be destroyed. That makes it a little bit more emotional, as you know when you walk out it is finished.”

Wenger said the old stadium would always remain close to his heart.

“We close Highbury on Sunday and I would never have thought when I arrived nine and a half years ago I would close Highbury,” he said.

“Highbury is something special for me and will remain forever something special. It’s an atmosphere they can never recreate somewhere else.”

Arsenal, who face Wigan on Sunday, are fifth in the table, one point behind rivals Tottenham Hotspur with both teams chasing the fourth spot which guarantees Champions League football next season.

Wenger believes Tottenham’s opponents, West Ham, will want to produce a good performance before next week’s FA Cup final against Liverpool.

“If you have a cup final it’s better to play well in the game before because you never recover completely after losing the game before,” he said.

“If they go into the FA Cup final having lost against Tottenham they will not win the Cup final, I tell you.

“We’ve done what we wanted to do and will finish the job. I’m confident we will finish the job on Sunday, then it’s down to Tottenham.”

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