In what may well represent the most Arsenalish kind of behaviour ever witnessed at a football ground, an Arsenal supporter was arrested at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday after red wine was thrown at the Manchester United bench.

The incident took place as United celebrated the opening goal of their 2-1 win and led to an angry exchange between some of the club’s substitutes and fans in the seats behind them.

Arsenal have promised to cooperate with the Metropolitan Police and ban any individual found guilty of the offence

The wine splashed some of the United personnel who understandably werenot happy.

One has to have some sympathy for the unfortunate United bench – presumably, the wine was not intended for them, but for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, who had to endure calls for his sacking during yesterday’s game.

Given the mood of insurgency permeating the Emirates in recent weeks, a full-on assault by a Chablis-drinking, white truffle-wielding mob of disgruntled supporters cannot be ruled out.