Barcelona’s financial vice-president has come out in favour of a European Super League, saying a new competition should be promoted “from a position where clubs are in control.”

Susana Monje’s comments came after claims that several of England’s bigger clubs were accused of holding talks about the viability of creating a breakaway European league.

Monje told La Vanguardia: “We must promote a European league from a position where clubs are in control.

“Right now, we depend on organisations like UEFA or FIFA, whose management can be improved, and that is the clearest of objectives that the club must pursue.”

On Tuesday, Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who also acts as head of the European Clubs Association (ECA), told FAZ that both clubs and European football’s governing body, UEFA, were considering a third European competition that would operate in tandem with the Champions League and the Europa League.

“The clubs and UEFA are in a discussion phase right now,” Rummenigge, who is also the chairman of the European Club Association, said.

FAZ claimed UEFA were considering “an evolution of the club competitions,” and that qualification for the new Super League could be determined by the “attractiveness of the clubs and their importance in marketing.”

Rummenigge, speaking in his capacity as ECA chairman, admitted that the creation of a new competition was discussed by the clubs.