Fifa president Sepp Blatter wants Europe’s national football associations to stand firm in the face of legal challenges from the G14 group.

The G14 group, representing some of Europe’s leading clubs, would like to see changes to the Champions League and compensation for the release of players for international duty.

“We offer them everything and then we find ourselves being attacked. It is unjust.”

Although the G14 group has denied planning to launch a breakaway competition to compete against the Uefa Champions League, it is supporting Belgian club Charleroi in their legal battle to gain compensation from Fifa after Abdelmajid Oulmers was injured while away on international duty.

However, Blatter sees the growing influence of the G14 group as a threat to national teams.

“The wonderful pyramid of football would crumble because of the prestige and elitism of some,” the Blatter.

“Once you are in a family, there is a minimum of respect that one should observe.”

Blatter’s comments come a day after Uefa president Lennart Johansson expressed similar concerns.

He said: “We believe in open competitions based on the promotion and relegation system and the decisive role of sporting results.

“By what right can the members of a small group of clubs flout the fundamental principles of democracy by pompously declaring themselves to be ‘the voice of the clubs’?”

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