Businessman Steve Morgan has urged with Liverpool’s board to accept his £70m bid to take a controlling interest at Anfield.

Morgan said: “I am here with an offer and they can have money in the bank by Christmas.

“Rafael Benitez can have funds and there will be finance to build a new stadium. Please accept my offer.”

Current chairman David Moores, who has come in for an increasing amount of criticism in recent months, is considering his future after a tempestuous annual general meeting last night.

Morgan, who is Liverpool’s third largest shareholder, has been attempting to invest inthe club for several years and made an official offer last May.

He revealed he was close to succeeding a few months ago until he investigated Liverpool’s finances.

It is believed the cost for Liverpool’s proposed new stadium at Stanley Park has now risen from £80m to £115m.

Morgan told shareholders: “My first offer was to invest £70m in the club, which was turned down.

“At one stage we had pretty much agreed a deal but what I found out after due diligence was very different to what I was told before.”

He told the club’s directors: “Please tell the truth about the figures for the stadium. You must come clean about what the costs really are.

“If this room knew half the things from the investigation I undertook they would be appalled, and understand why I revised my offer.”

Morgan’s wife Didy backed her husband, saying: “My husband has spent nearly £300,000 on legal fees trying to put money into Liverpool Football Club.

“The response hasn’t been slow, it has been intolerable. It seems a deal would be done with the devil himself rather than with Mr Morgan.”

Meanwhile, Moores says he is considering his position because of the strain of takeover talks.

“This last 12 months has not been easy. It’s been unbearable. I haven’t slept and my family – it’s difficult for them,” Moores said.

“I have to consider my options. I love the club, but clearly that’s not enough. I can’t compete with Mr Morgan’s millions,” he added.