South Africa coach Stuart Baxter looks set to stand down after becoming disillusioned with his role.

After failing to qualify for next year’s World Cup finals, Baxter is set to issue a statement about his future next week.

“I’m returning to London to sort out a family problem,” said Baxter.

“I’ll be going away for a long weekend with my family and will think about the situation.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the players and I enjoy living in South Africa but what I’ve not enjoyed has been working in this environment.

“The recommendations I make are just ignored and I’ve even been accused of being a racist.

“For me honesty and integrity are important words and for me there’s been a lack of that.

“I’ve got to feel this is a meaningful job and that my input is respected

“If I don’t, I won’t wait to get fired to qualify for [financial] package. I’ll just take my bags and go.”

Baxter was appointed coach of South Africa in May 2004.