David Beckham’s position at Real Madrid is in jeopardy, if current president Florentino Perez loses his forthoming election to rival Enrique Sobrino.

Beckham’s future at the club has come under scrutiny since the revelation that he had an extra-marital affair in Madrid. The media circus surrounding Beckham has been cited as one of the reasons for Madrid going off the boil in recent weeks. Defeats in the Kings Cup, La Liga and most significantly, the Champions League, have left Madrid’s season in tatters.

“I would listen to offers for David Beckham,” confirmed Sobrino.

“Beckham has to change.”

Beckham is not the only Galatico to attract criticism.

“Some of them (the players) have done enough and some of them aren’t doing enough,” added Sobrino.

“I would listen to offers for David Beckham and Luis Figo would not continue.

“People say that (Roberto Carlos) has an agreement with another club.

“I don’t know if that’s the case, but one thing that’s certain is he is looking for the contract of his life and we’re not going to give it to him.

“The option we have of presenting ourselves at the election is getting more solid each day – independent of the results at the end of the season.”