England captain David Beckham has denied claims that there are rifts within the squad caused by card schools or other gambling activities.

Wayne Rooney has hit the headlines recently for reportedly running up debts of £70,000, and representatives for Rooney have denied stories that he fell out with Michael Owen over alleged gambling debts to a friend of Owen’s.

Beckham said: “People were saying there was an issue between Michael and Wayne but it is because they are the two main strikers that people want to say that.

“In our squad it is impossible to fall out over something like that.”

“In our squad it’s impossible for the players to fall out over something like that. There have always been card schools in football, but there is no problem and there never has been.

“The banter and the togetherness of the England team is too strong to be affected by card schools.

“There is no problem and there never has been. The team spirit is the best since I started playing for my country.”

Beckham also revealed he is not that keen on gambling himself.

He said: “I like going horse racing sometimes just for a day out but I have never been a card man in my life. The only thing I have played is snap.”

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